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Women's Issues

There are many issues that are specific to women and as a Therapist and Counselor, I have worked with many of them.  Historically, issues that are seen more in women than men are: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, poor body image, and low self-esteem.  There are plenty of pressures that come from many places, and women put through forth even more effort now than ever to compensate and achieve "equality" by trying to be the perfect wife, girlfriend, mother, friend, and employee.

Many women seek out therapy and counseling because they are looking for something to change in their lives and just don't know how to go about creating the change.

One focus that I value is that of helping you discover your own personal needs and effectively dealing with the specific situations that you are finding are causing the negative feelings.  Together we will explore these elements, discover your own personal goals, the barriers and obstacles that have prevented achievement of those goals, and next actions you can take.

Women's issues are not just confined to one particular point in one's life, but can happen as early as pre-teen and still occur into late adulthood.  I am available to provide therapy, counseling, and support to women of all ages for any issues that arise.