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Stress Management

Stress is both the emotional and physical response to the constantly changing environment of our lives.  It can have both positive and negative implications.  On the positive end, it can evoke feelings of energy for you to move through the problems and through life.  However, when it isn't healthily and effectively managed, it can cause significant damage to a person and their health.  Emotionally it can lead to feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, sadness, and frustration.  The physical effects are insomnia, pain, soreness, high blood pressure, ulcers, and headaches.

For our work together, we will mange your levels of stress in a supportive, comforting, and trusting environment.  There are some key elements in order for you to start and maintain a healthy management of stress:
- Become aware of the specific stressors in your life and what your emotional and physical responses are.
- Acknowledge the things that you can change in the situations - such as your exposure to the stressors, the intensity of your reactions, and avoiding the stressors all together.
- Realizing that you can reduce the intensity of your reactions to the stress by addressing the nature of the stressors and their impact on your sense of safety.
- Learn to moderate your reactions through some easy to follow techniques.
- Stay emotionally and physically healthy.

Together we will partner in helping you manage your stress in a healthy, effective, and supportive manner.  Reduce your overall stress and keep it low!