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Depression, Anxiety, and Self Esteem

Depression, anxiety, and low self esteem are all difficult and painful emotional experiences.  These three symptoms, while thought of to be very different from one another, actually have a lot of overlap and similarity to one another.

Low self esteem can be described as an overall sense of inadequacy, and also a feeling of competency within certain areas of one's life.  It isn't uncommon for one to feel adequate in work, but inadequate within the work place.  If one does have low self esteem, it often leads to depression.  In common Psychological thought, one who is experiencing low self esteem often develops a certain thinking pattern called "The Negative Triad" - the self and feeling negatively internally, others by lacking trust and rejecting the people around you, and the future by not having confidence in a full and vibrant life ahead.  For a lot of those suffering from depression, one of the focuses is on identifying and transforming low self esteem thinking.  If you find yourself having low self esteem thoughts and have been experiencing feelings of depression, get in touch with me.  I would be happy to support you in that.

In the same ways that individuals who are having low self esteem thoughts are more likely to feel depressed, they also have more anxiety.  Depression and anxiety often come hand in hand and with the negative judgment and untrusted thinking that are due to low self esteem, there is also a lot of fear in how things are going to turn out, and what is going to happen.  

With all of this said, I have worked with low self esteem and know that through a caring, supportive, and trusting environment, we together can uncover those thoughts of low self esteem, work through the feeling associated with the low self esteem, and a transformation of the negative patterns.