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Conflict Resolution

Conflict can occur between any two people whether it be friends, family members, spouses, or colleagues and resolution therapy or counseling with you and/or the person you are experiencing conflict can not only help the specific situation, but your overall life.

No matter what type of conflict you are experiencing, there are some behaviors that will help you healthily and effectively manage conflict:
- Active Listening by really making sure that you are hearing the words the other person is saying, and not having the emotions stand in the way.
- Mutual Goal Setting by discussing together and partnering on what you could both work on.

- Openness through expressing only your direct experience and only stating facts that start with "I"
- Empathy by trying to understand how the other person is feeling.
- Mutual Respect by treating the person exactly as you would like to be treated.

Together we can take steps and develop tools for healthy conflict resolution.  You can come on your own, or feel free to bring the person with whom you are experiencing the conflict.