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About Me

I graduated in May of 2011 from Naropa University with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. Since completing my graduate work, I have maintained a private practice in Boulder, CO and most recently Steamboat Springs! I am thrilled to be starting this new chapter in a gorgeous mountain setting.

In addition to being a coach and counselor, I have worked for eight years in start up companies and explored a myriad of roles. I am a business woman at heart and have always been energized and inspired by entrepreneurship.  I appreciate all that it brings, and feel like it enhances me both professionally and personally. 


My areas of expertise are life/business/executive coaching, addictions, depression, anxiety, and self esteem issues.  I feel comfortable in working with individuals and adults, young women, couples, and groups. My therapeutic approaches as a solution focused and client oriented counselor are providing ultimate space and support for my clients. 

I integrate complementary modalities and techniques to offer a tailored and specialized approach to each person I am in communication with.  I utilize my compassion and understanding to empower individuals to attain the personal growth that they are committed to accomplishing.

I have a passion for writing, especially about self and personal development. If you are interested in exploring my writing, you can visit my blog here or articles I've written here!